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As the new millennium opens up we experience undreamed exciting marvels in the modern technology and the human race it seems, leaps forward to reach the moon & mars. Unfortunately, their ailments, disorders, disabilities, & diseases also advancing with rapid intensity.

The modern science is in the crossroad today unable to answer the diverse range queries of human ailments, while the world is entering the new millennium with a rapid changing of the socio-economic system.

Throughout the world this time, men & women are turning towards alternative systems of medicine, in search of answers for their different ailments.

There are numerous doctors, physician, practitioners & healers to treat every common ailment. It is noteworthy that the using of herbs in the treatment of diseases & rejuvenate body systems is dated back to the earliest periods of known human history.

Even herbs & plants are accredited with mystical & supernatural powers of healing & revitalizing body systems.

At this juncture from Sri Lanka, ‘The Nugegoda Ayurvedic Clinic for Male Female Infertility’ has sprung up in here to fill in the void, to cure the incurable through “Herbalism” and unique system of medicine, recognized worldwide.

The Clinic has a history of research in male and female infertility in collaboration with university workshops, discussions,  forums and so on.

Our unique treatments are based & backed by eminent physicians with traditional knowledge, hundreds of year’s long hereditary expertise and ceaseless effort of research. According to our Doctors, today Ayurvedic system has identified nearly 35000 herbs & plants from which evolved many successful remedies.

The founder of ‘Nugegoda Ayurvedic Clinic for male and female infertility’ Dr. Susantha is an outstanding Ayurvedic physician & researcher, who has championed the cause of Ayurvedic herbalism in the northern parts of rural India and brought for the benefit of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka.

This tradition & hereditary knowledge & expertise are the backbones of a herbal alternative Infertility clinic.

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There's a good chance that even if you are subfertile, the condition can be reversed. Consult our qualified Ayurvedic doctors today.
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(Mrs.) R.A.D. Ayoma Wijesinghe, DSAMS, Mac. F. No. 10162

ayurvedic doctor susantha rohana ranasinghe

(Phd), DSAMS, Pg. Dip.(BAC), MABAC, Reg. No. 10161

On June 9th, 2006, Dr. R.A.R.P. Susantha has (re)opened the ‘Nugegoda Ayurvedic Clinic for Male and Female Infertility’ at Nugegoda in Sri Lanka. The main aim of the clinic is to proceed as a research and development centre and currently focusing on disorders of the male reproductive tract, such as male Infertility.

Research provides mail Semen Analyses and male infertility diagnostics etc. The clinic was founded with a vision to proliferate the ancient heritage of Ayurveda and Sri Lankan Traditional Healing System using a modern atmosphere and thus help people find holistic solutions for their soaring health problems.

Ayurveda is the sacred knowledge of life that has been sophisticated and perfected over the years and ever since, it originated in India and Sri Lanka to bring total health solutions by consistent of the mind, body and soul.

Ayurveda is not a mere system of medicine, but it is a Counseling System for healthy living that has identified the healing power of nature and teaches to live in synchronization with nature for achieving perfect health.

Consuming the wide-ranging herbal remedies provided through the Indigenous and Ayurvedic system of medicine, many fertility clinics in Sri Lanka offer treatments for a long list of ailments such as Infertility, rheumatic arthritis, Piles, Cattrah(cataract) and especially male infertility.

All cases are exposed to a careful evaluation by an expert team of physicians and the treatment is performed under their direct direction by well-trained Ayurvedic therapists. These treatments are cost-effective and reasonable for all and proved to be of full value for money.

To achieve the effectiveness and allocate the best medications for even the most chronic undergoing cases being occupied up, we follow a severe treatment routine based on the scientific principles of Ayurveda and Sri Lankan Traditional System.

Nugegoda Ayurvedic Clinic is well deliberated and built to ensure that a correct atmosphere is fashioned for Ayurvedic and Indigenous treatments. The Clinic delivers accommodation in well-equipped and technological treatments for male infertility. You are welcome to see yourself, for you to discover the bliss of true health!